LCL was founded since 1986, as a dealer for agriculture products such as rubber, coco, and palm oil. Since 1995, LCL started to venture into the realm of fertilizer business. Until 2014, we established Fonglin Agro Sdn Bhd and invested in high technology production line to manufacture Rabbit king compound fertilizer. As Malaysia palm oil board (MPOB) is promoting The Malaysia sustainable palm oil (mspo) program, we promise our cooperation and compliance to the  program in the future in order to provide high quality products to our customer at an adequate price.
About Us
    LCL集团创立於1986年,起初公司是从事收购树胶,可可及棕油生意。到了1995年公司就开发展肥料生意。直到2014年公司成立了丰林农业有限公司,同时也投资高科技机械生产RABBIT KING复合肥。随著大马棕油局(MPOB)积极推广大马永续棕油认真(MSPO),本公司将在未来积极的配合及提供高品质且价格大众化的肥料给予我们的客户。
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